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I'd like to tell you about my feelings and emotions the first time I watched Kiran, my wife, fucking another man. Kiran and I have been married for four years; she is 28, and a tasty piece with the sort of long, horny legs that make men go weak at the knees.

I got the opportunity and we moved to New Zealand two ears ago from Pakistan. I had only one sister who was 3 year elder to me and married. We both were working in an American based firm. We got settled down there happily.

It all started after the 11 September's incident, we lost our jobs being Pakistanis. Any other company was afraid to give either of us any job. We had got into financial trouble, with things going from had to worse, I was at my wits' end. Then, through a chain of events, we were put in touch with a guy who made special videos. The start of the chain was when one of Kiran's girlfriend Jenny's husband Jeff made a very soft porn video of the two of them playing about. It was only fun, but got out of hand when it started getting handed around.

Anyway, this guy saw my wife Kiran at a party at her friend's house. He contacted Kiran through her friend Jenny and offered her $500 to make a soft-core video for him, with the promise of more if she was a success. Kiran straight away refused her offer. As we both couples were very close friends and lived in the same building, Jenny and Jeff convinced us that under the circumstances we had no other option to make some quick money. Kiran went to the bedroom without saying anything.

As I wanted to follow her Jenny asked me to stay in the living and let her handle the situation. They both came out of the bedroom after half an hour and sat quietly. Then Jenny told me that Kiran wasn't worried about doing it, only about what your reaction would be or you might leave her at any point?

"Why should I leave her, we are life partners and have to fight together for living. I'll always love her." Finally, I told Kiran I wouldn't mind if she wanted to do the video and, to put her mind at rest, I said I would accompany her. I told her I'd probably enjoy it like other men did.

The next morning Jenny and Jeff brought Colin to our flat to sign a contract for one year. After signing the contract he gave us the agreed amount and asked us to meet him at a farmhouse 30 Km away from the city, sharp at 3:00 Pm. We all four reached at the given address in time. Colin and his members were already there. They had converted a room into make-up and dressing room. Colin escorted us along with his female make-up artist Melina to that room. He told Kiran that this was a soft-core movie of 30 minutes, in which she had to play the role of a strip tease dancer.

After the make-up was done he asked her to wear a Bikini and thong. As she removed her clothes, his make-up artist looked at her breasts and skin very closely then said, "Colin, She has a perfect tanned skin and doesn't need any make-up." After that he called one of his assistant to take us to the set.

As we entered the hall we saw the set of a strip club and almost 7 men and three women sitting there. I looked at the assistant questionably, he read me and said smilingly, "Oh, Mr. Alam they are just the audience, don't worry they all here to watch your wife to perform." He offered us a table near the stage so that we could watch her properly.

As Kiran came out on the stage, She was looking so sexy and outrageous that everybody gave her a bid round of applause. Then the Melina, who was also the dance director, directed her to dance and the motions. She picked up so quickly that Collin told us during the shooting that she is a born artist and will definitely make place in this industry. The shooting got completed in almost three hours.

At the end of the shooting they recorded her interview and every body greeted Colin on his new discovery. On the way back home she remained quite and said nothing. When we reached home Jenny and Jeff came to our home for the celebrations. Kiran silently served food and drinks to us. After having dinner I asked her why was she so quite. She looked at me and said, "Alam, I know you really love me a lot and a very liberal husband, but what happens if this video turns out to be a flop and what happens if people come to know by chance that I'm a porn actress?"

We all listened to her quietly then exploded out in laughter. First she looked at us then joined us laughing. As she got relaxed I said, "Don't worry my love, if anyone come to know that you have become a porn star we'll refuse to accept that it is you. Firstly there are hells of porn star we hardly recognize at any public place."

Next day Colin called us and asked for Kiran's screen name. We asked him to wait until we decide any nice name. That evening we called Jenny and Jeff for the suggestions. After hundreds of name we agreed on "Indiana".

After a week Colin called us and broke the good news that Kiran's first movie was a hit and he showed his keen interest in casting Kiran in more movies. We invited Jenny and Jeff at the dinner and told them about Kiran's success. They both encouraged her and offered their services as her associates, which we happily accepted.

Next morning we called Colin to settle down the matters. Jeff & Jenny told Colin that from that day they work as Indiana's associates and look after all her contracts, which he happily agreed. They asked him about the next projects. He told us that now he's planning to make a hard-core video and offered her $750. Kiran mused over the hard-core for some time, and finally accepted his offer after taking my assurance. But Jenny refused Colin's offer of $750 and asked him to raise the amount. Finally Jeff and Jenny made him agreed on $1500 plus royalty on the sale of the video. After signing the new agreement, Colin congratulated Kiran and said, "Well, My sexy new porn star, Indiana, you'll soon become a rich and famous."

We asked Colin to stay some more time so that we could discuss his new porno movie's script, story and details. He told us that he hadn't decided any thing yet and asked for any new Idea. So we discussed a lot of themes but couldn't get to any point. Suddenly jenny said, "What about an incest story in which a brother fucks his Horney sister?

Every body liked her idea and Colin left out flat in a very happy mood. After a couple of days he called us and asked us to meet up in a flat in a less than affluent, neighboring area - I should have realised what that meant. We reached there with Jeff and jenny at the time he asked for. The flat was not so big and had two bedrooms and a living room. As usual Colin and his staff consisting only his make-up lady Melina, Cameraman and two assistants were already there and ready for the shooting. Melina greeted us very warmly and took us to the make up room. As we entered the room we saw a black haired very handsome guy and a blond guy sitting in the chair. Melina introduced them with us as Greg and Danny, the male stars of the movie.

As Melina introduce Kiran to them both guys looked at her in astonishment and said, "Wow, what a beauty you are, we had no idea that we are going to fuck a new gorgeous star? Greg then greeted her by planting a kiss on her cheek and said, "Indiana, We are lucky to have you in this porno video, so relax."

After Melina finished her job she called Colin in. He told Indian that Greg is playing her brother's role and Danny is playing the role of his friend. He then took us all out to the living room and directed Indiana that she was living with her brother and one night she was getting so horney, when her brother's friend was visiting their flat she got fucked by them.

Indian went to the changing room with Melina and after a few minutes she came dressed up as ordered in a knee high skirt, high heels and stockings. Colin directed Greg and Danny to be seated on the sofa while directed Indiana to enter the living room from her bedroom, as she had no Idea that Donny was with her brother. The camera rolled on and Colin recorded the scene. Then he asked Indiana to get aside and directed Greg and Danny to start their conversation according to the script.

Again the camera started to roll on and he started to record the scene.

Danny: Wow, Greg who is this babe. . . . MAN, I've never seen her before?

Greg: Oh she's my elder Sis, Her husband has gone to Africa on six months training and she is staying with me for the last one month.

Danny: Cool man, she's is a sexy babe and seems to me a horney bitch?

Greg laughed at his remarks : She's my Big sis, . . . Man."

Danny: Oh yea yours but not mine. She has already given me a hard-on.

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They both started to laugh and Colin stopped the camera. Then he asked Indiana to get in side the bedroom and asked her to lay down on the bed and strt playing with her boobs and pussy. He recorded her for a few minute then directed the camera man to come back in the living room and directed her to stay like that and when he would call action, She should start playing and moaning again. He closed the door, then directed the two guys to start their conversation again and shouted "Action"

Danny: Greg, I really want to fuck your sister if you don't mind.

Greg: Come on Dan, I know her she's not going to do that, She is very straight.

Danny: Let's check her then. . . Will join me?

Greg: (after a little hesitation) Why not. . . .

Then they both started to walk towards Indiana room. They silently opened her bedroom door and saw her playing with her with her eyes closed. They tip toed towards her bed and sitting beside her said, "Lady why are you playing alone while we are her to help you out?"

She opened her eyes in fear but as she started to talk Danny began squeezing her breasts and Greg pushed his hand under her skirt to feel her pussy. Her dress was soon up around her hips. Indiana shook in disbelief and only said, "Greg, what are you doing you are my brother?"

Greg: And a man too, who could give you the relief you need now.

Colin then stopped the scene and asked the two men to make their dicks ready first. They both went to the make-up room with Melina and I went to Indiana's bed. I was a bit worried that two guys were going to fuck my wife. I told Kiran we ought to get out but she just laughed at my fears. She had a glint in her eyes that hadn't been there before and, from her actions and the way she spoke, she was looking forward to having it off with those two virile, handsome men in front of a camera and me.

As they came out after 15 minutes the camera started to roll on again. The continued the scene from where they left. Now Indiana was quite and Greg her acting brother unbuttoned her shirt to expose his acting sister's beautiful breasts confined in a lacy bra and Danny was pulling down her skirt to expose her cunt in thongs. Colin got the two studs to strip off and got Indian to remove her bra and panties so that all she had on under her dress was stockings and suspenders, they snapped her bra open and thongs to made her expose her naked body. We all three were told to stand out of the way in a corner. We couldn't see very well as the lights and equipment were in our way.

Now the real action started and the guys closed in on Kiran, and Danny had his thick, white fingers in her shaven gash, her juices streaming down his fingers. Greg was sucking on her tits. AII two sported erections that made mine look feeble. Colin told us they both were over eight inches long, and Greg, when really worked up, was 9 and half inches.

Danny, who was fingering Indiana's snatch, lifted one of her long legs over his shoulder, so he could work his long tongue into her cunt. Kiran was soon sobbing and crying out to be fucked. She lay there like a starfish gazing at them through hooded eyes. Her chest was heaving and her skin flushed, especially the insides of her plump thighs.

Danny, who had been fingering her, eased his thick white cock into her pussy. Her head went back and she began to pant hard as she took the longest thickest cock she had ever had. Her legs kicked and her knees came up. He rolled his hips, slowly sinking all of his seven inches into her. Then she came off. God what a noise she made. She clutched at his shoulders and her hips lifted to help. He waited until she came down to earth, then he began fucking her.

Then Greg, who had been sucking her breasts, offered his mammoth cock to her mouth. He eased the foreskin back and placed his thick pink knob against her lips, but she couldn't have realised as she was in a world of her own, having orgasm after orgasm from the solid fucking she was receiving.

The guy's hips were moving as he fucked and his thick white shaft glistened with Kiran's juices. Her mouth opened in a scream of pleasure and Greg pushed his bloated knob in, shutting her up very effectively! Kiran glugged and gurgled as he forced more cock down her throat until she was retching against it. He didn't let up until he had a good six inches in her mouth. I wondered if he would try to get all nine inches in later. I could hear her throat gulping and her muted grunts of pleasure. Then in a few minutes, Greg fucking her mouth started panting, and groaned, "What a bitch you are, you have made me cum. Slut."

Colin moved a camera in real close just as Greg started bucking. Kiran was gulping down spunk as he quickly withdrew his jerking cock to spray even more all over her pretty face and into her black hair. He held his cock to her lips and she licked it dry. Colin looked pleased.

Then Danny fucking her began his jig of love. His hips slammed his thick cock home, and from the way he was groaning, I knew he was coming inside her. Then he whipped it out so his spunk flew across her heaving belly. We could see she was totally gone. I hadn't wanted them to spunk in her, but I had to accept that for the film they couldn't wear rubbers.

Thick wads flew over her tits and belly and then Danny squeezed his still pumping cock back into her gaping cunt to finish off inside her and her legs went up over his back. We both Jeff and me had a raging hard-on. I could see him pressing is dick through his pants and making wet his dried lips with his tongue. Even Jenny was rubbing her cunt through her pants and squeezing her breasts. It was when he withdrew and I saw his thick cream trickle from her cunt that I came... in my pants. My feelings were mixed; I felt lust, envy and excitement, and I could see there was more to come as Greg moved towards her, who just came in her mouth. His cock was massive by the first one, now much bigger; it reared up to its full nine and a half inches.

Kiran had a stupid look on her face as she stared at it. I felt excited and went weak at the knees seeing the sheer size of the man's cock.

Greg leered down at her and lifted her legs in a "v". He held her ankles and allowed his bloated Pink knob to slip up and down her dribbling gash. Kiran sighed and her hips jerked. Colin's camera was zoomed right in on his cock. Greg rested her legs on his broad shoulders and very slowly eased his giant knob and shaft into my wife's juicy cunt. Oh how she squirmed and squealed. (Later when I watched her video, I saw the way his cock had ravished Kiran's cunt and the way the previous spunk was squeezed out. It was lucky Danny had already lubricated her with spunk before Greg had his turn!

Kiran's hands gripped the sheets, clawing at them as the magnificent Greg fucked her. He kept taking his cock from her cunt and proudly showed it to the camera. The video also showed how Kiran's cunt gaped open to the perfect shape of his cock, it looked like a tunnel, and the way her cunt accepted his cock back every time was a real turn-on.

Kiran's head thrashed from side to side, and she hung onto the headboard as she came off. It looked and sounded frightening, her sobs and whimpered cries had me rubbing myself inside my trousers again, even though I felt fearfull and envious.

My excitement was intense as Kiran screamed out, 'Fuck me, keep fucking me, it's lovely so big, so big Brother!'

By then, Danny had regained his erection and was wanking off over Indiana's face and tits. Danny came first. His spunk sprayed over her face and his spunk shot across her tits and neck. Some even reached her chin and lips, but Kiran was too far-gone to notice. She was in a delirious female rut. Her body quivered and her orgasm seemed continuous.

Greg was obviously really enjoying himself and seemed in no hurry, but Kiran's frantic body movements took him over the edge, and his back arched and his mouth hung open as her pussy milked his cock. His eyes were half-closed and he groaned, "Oh yes. . . Sister. . . grip yr brother's cock with your pussy." Kiran's eyes opened and she cried, "Yes. Oh yes Brother, more, give me more. Please!"

I felt sick to my stomach having seen Karen being fucked so beautifully but my spunk still flooded my pants again! Colin filmed them fucking her some more. Danny spanked across her cunt and belly as he pulled out, but Carl refused to withdraw and came inside her again so Colin could film his spunk pouring from her yawning cunt. Kiran was in a daze, so Colin said that was enough filming. He told me she'd been fantastic and that he'd use her again next week.

He started to pack his things away, but Greg and Danny hadn't finished with my wife. They asked him to film some more but he refused that. Here on my side pretty Jenny removed her clothes in a flash and rushed to Danny. She took his cock in her mouth and started to lick him. Jeff saw her sucking in amazement. Danny then took her to bed and started to fuck Jenny and then Colin had her, fucking her for another good 10 minutes before coming inside her.

All the time Greg sat and watched Kiran's heaving body. We both were openly wanking by then and had spanked yet again. Then Greg took Kiran again, Kiran told me later it had been just a blur until he slipped his huge cock back into her quim. He took her to new heights of ecstasy, and fucked her for almost half an hour before releasing his spunk inside her.

During that half an hour I wanked my raw cock again, and added more dribbles to the floor. As looked at Jeff he was not there. I saw him licking Melina's cunt then fucking her in the chair in the corner of the room. At the end of fucking session of about two hours both the ladies were totally exhausted. When they all got dressed up Greg came to me and Jeff and said, "The day I watched Indiana's first movie I asked Colin that I'll charge nothing if he casts Indiana for the next movie. I really wanted to fuck an Indian woman and must say she is really a hot bitch."

On the way home Kiran was tired and none of us was saying any word. We reached home around 7 in the evening and gathered in our living room. I broke the ice and asked Kiran, "So Indiana, what u feel after being fucked and filmed?"

She looked in my eyes and said, "I loved that and very enthusiastic about another porno video. . . . but still missing your cock in my cunt."

At her remarks we all busted in laugh. I felt thoroughly excited by her excitement and her praise of Greg, and Danny, I felt the same excitement at the thought of her body being used by such superior men. I even felt myself getting aroused again.

Kiran and Jenny didn't even bother to bathe or undress when we got home, they were happy to stay dirty. She just hoisted her dress around her hips, flopped out on the sofa, and parted her legs wide. She raised her hips in an invitation to me to fuck her, her juicy spunk-filled cunt being wide open. I really wanted to fuck her after those huge cocks she had already had, but I didn't want to fuck her in the presence of our friends. I made the excuse I'd had too many wanks watching her being fucked by her white studs.

Jenny saw my reluctance and said, "Come-on Alam fuck her right now show us how much you both love each other?"

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