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My wife and I have always used the idea of a three-way or a lesbian encounter as part of our foreplay. Well, maybe I have, and she probably just humored me. I don't know why, but the idea of my wife being pleasured by someone else has always turned me on. I think that I just want to see her pleasured, and in most of my fantasies, I am removed from the action. Her with another girl, or another guy, or more is a sure fire way to get me going.

I guess I should describe my wife. She is a 30-year-old woman who stands just over five feet and weighs about 120 athletic pounds. Her beautiful olive skin is set off perfectly by her black hair and deep brown eyes. A lot of people tell her she looks like Alyssa Milano (with better teeth). I recently convinced her to sun nude, so her C-cups are perfectly tan and topped with rich dark nipples.

When my wife, Jen, made plans to go to the shore with one of her friends, my mind started to wander. Michele, her best friend, has a place at the beach that she shares with about a dozen of friends and acquaintances. It is an unofficial timeshare, so she had no idea how many people were going to be there. My fantasies that week had all sorts of sexual combinations that focused on my wife. Of course, I shared them with Jen before some heated sex sessions. As always, she plays along telling me how much she wants to have Michelle go down on her and, if the circumstances are right there might be others involved. I know she is just doing it to get me going.

Friday afternoon I left work early so I could watch my son and my wife could leave and miss rush hour. When I got home, she was carrying her luggage and camera bag down the stairs. She was wearing a low yellow halter-top with a tight pair of black capris and high wedge sandals. She looked great. Her breasts were heaving over the top of that shirt and I wanted one last piece of her before she left for the next three days. I went up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist

"Who are you trying to impress dressed like that", I asked her.

"Who do you think?" Jen said coyly.

"I think you want to turn Michele on. Or screw some guy." She turned her head and we engaged in a long deep kiss.

"Or two", she said smiling. "Oh, look at the time. I have to go. I was supposed to leave at three and it is already a quarter after. Would you put my bags in the Jeep."

"Anything for you", I replied with a kiss and a quick pat on her ass.

I went and put her bags in the car, and she followed me out. Getting in the car she asked," Did I forget anything?' Which she has a habit to do.

I couldn't think of anything, but I replied, "Condoms?"

"You know I never use those", she said with a sneer. "I love you. Have a good father-son weekend."

"I will. Be careful and have fun yourself. Have a good time, if you know what I mean." I leaned in closer to her and spoke softly. "Remember have fun. Really. I won't be jealous or mad at anything you do. You are stuck in this house every day, so take this weekend for yourself. Let loose and have a good time. You have my permission." She looked at me slightly confused. With a final kiss she began to pull away. "There is one condition," I yelled. "Take some pictures so you can give me all the details. Better yet, take some video."

She waved and beeped the horn as she pulled away. "I will." Laughing, she said, "You pervert!"

For the rest of the weekend, during my jerk off sessions, all I could think of was Jen and Michele have all sorts of sex. She is actually a prude and I knew she would never do anything like that, but the thought of it really got me going.

Saturday night she called.

"Hi. How are my guys doing?" she asked over the phone.

"Great. We were just sitting down for dinner. What are you up to?"

" We spent the whole day on the beach. I think I got a bit of a burn. We are now getting ready to go out for dinner and a few drinks."

" Hi Eric," I heard Michele yell from the background. Then I heard the shower turn on.

"Tell her I said hi." She did. "So, I guess she is naked in front of you."

"Oh yes, and I can't take my eyes off of her." Jen joked. "I can't wait to ravage her." They both laughed loudly.

"Alright. Well, have fun and be careful. I love you." I said

"I love you too. Good night. See you tomorrow." We both hung up.

Finally, Sunday came and I anxiously awaited Jen's return. About two o'clock, I saw her Jeep pull up the street. She pulled up and hopped out of the car. She was wearing a short brown dress that I recently bought her. And she looked fantastic, even glowing. But that could have been the slight burn she had.

"Thanks for letting me go for the whole weekend", she said as she stood up on her toes and gave me a long wet kiss.

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I held her tight and asked her, "So, I take it you had fun?"

"It was great to get away and let my hair down for once. But I am so tired. Would you mind if I went to take a nap?" She asked with a playful puppy dog look.

How could I say no? "Go ahead. The little guy just went down for his, too."

"Great. See you in a bit. I love you." She bounced on into the house.

I opened the tailgate, grabbed her bags, and took them inside. I spotted the camera bag and wondered if she took any good pictures this weekend. When I opened it, I found that she didn't take the still camera, she brought the video camera. I unpacked it and plugged it into the living room TV.

When it came on, it was a video of the beach. It looked like a nice sunny day and the water was beautiful. She panned the camera around and lying on a beach towel was Michele. She looked amazing. I haven't seen her in a while, and it look like she has been working out. She lost a little weight and was now even more tan that Jen.

"There's Cheley." Jen said. Michele waved and then Jen panned again. There were a few guys camped out with them on the beach. Two white guys and a black guy. "There's Lance." The blonde guy waved. "And Nick and Harrison." The other two guys waved as well. "We're just having fun laying out on the beach relaxing." She said as she continued to pan around. "Bye for now."

The video flickered and it then showed Jen lying down on her stomach. She was wearing the sexy new neon blue bikini that I just bought her. I noticed that her top string were undone and that Nick, a big football player type, rubbing oil on her back. The other two guys were sitting drinking beers, unphased by the scene.

"I promised Jen that I would show her a good time. But don't worry. Nothing is going to happen," Michele whispered into the camera.

Jen pointed to her legs, and Nick continued to rub oil down the length of her body.

I was sitting there stunned. I can't believe she was letting someone do that. But, come on, He was just putting sunscreen on her. They were on a public beach. Nothing was going to happen. But the tightness in my pants showed that I hoped something else would. The camera then went to black.

I came back on with Jen holding the camera towards her.

"I promised that I would take a picture of us together," she said onscreen. Then she placed the camera down on something and backed away. She was wearing only a large bath towel. From off the screen Michele came into view. She too had on only a towel. They both grabbed their towels and ripped them off and started laughing. They were both still wearing their bikinis. Then they proceeded to pretend making out, but barely even touched lips. They both cracked up laughing. Jen came close to the camera and said, "See, I promised." She then fumbled with the camera. I figured that was that. But she unknowingly left the camera on.

Thinking the camera was off they both headed off. They were apparently in Michele's bedroom. Jen was going toward the bathroom and Michele was headed towards a dresser.

Jen turned, "Michele, would you rub some lotion on my back. It got burned today."

"Sure. Lay down on the bed."

Jen pulled off her top and lay down on her stomach. Michele took got the lotion off the dresser. She rubbed some into her hands and started lightly rubbing onto Jen's back. This went on for a minute or so, until Jen let out a soft moan. Michele looked surprised, and slowed down her rubbing.

" Don't stop. That feels good," Jen said.

Michele continued. Now rubbing harder and more deliberate. Jen starting moaning again. By the look on her face, it appeared that Michele was getting into it. She even started massaging under Jen's bikini. This went on for a while and then Michele pulled the string on the side of Jen's bikini. She let it fall between her legs.

Jen quickly flipped over. This shocked Michele. She began to stand up when Jen grabbed Michele's face with both hands and kissed her with total passion. Jen pulled her on top of her now naked body. Jen's hands were everywhere over her new partner. She frantically pulled the strings off of Michele's top, pushed it over her head and threw it to the floor. Her hands kneaded the newly exposed flesh while not breaking the deep kiss.

Michele did something next that surprised me. She slid down Jen's body and stopped between her now spread legs. Michele starting licking Jen's neatly trimmed pussy with fervor.

I sat there with my jaw agape. I could not believe that this was my wife on the screen. I always thought that she was a prude and that I was the pervert. Did all my innuendo actually have an effect? But there she was, laying on her back with knees bent and spread open, and massaging her own breasts.

Michele was animated in her pleasuring of Jen. She was on her knees with her bikini-covered ass high in the air, swaying side to side. All of a sudden Jen started moaning and pulling on her nipples. Then she came. Michele brought her to orgasm and Jen started twitching uncontrollably. After a good ten seconds, she finally relaxed.

Jen pulled Michele up to her face again and began to kiss her deeply.

"That was a first. You?" Jen said quietly.

"First, second. Who's counting?" Michele replied.

"You little slut!"

"Look who's talking," Michele teased. "Now how about fair play?"

"What do you mean?"

With that, Michele stood up and removed her bottoms. She crawled back up on the bed and straddled Jen's face. Jen had a confused look on her face before it was completely covered by Michele's beautiful naked body. It didn't take Jen long to get used to this. Michele began to rock her hips back and forth while Jen reached up and started to play with her breasts. Before long Michele was convulsing with pleasure.

Michele climbed off and lay next to Jen and put one arm across her. "I think we should shower get ready for dinner."

They both stood up slowly and headed to the shower. I heard giggling behind the door until the shower came on.

At this point, I had my dick out and was stroking feverishly. I came onto the carpet in front of me. I sat back on the couch and watched as the tape played for a while before it just stopped unexpectedly. The battery must have run out. The screen went to black

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