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"Honey hurry up the wedding is in a half hour," Frank Richardson said as he banged on the bathroom door. "I don't know what parking will be like at the church so I want to get there as soon as we can," he continued while glancing at the clock. "I will be out in five minutes honey. Why don't you wait for me downstairs," a voice from the bathroom said. "Alright but don't be too much longer," Frank replied as he left the bedroom and went downstairs.

Lisa Richardson finished brushing her shoulder length blond hair and applied a light coat of lipstick to her lips; she then took a step back to check the finished product. The 27 year old former colligate swimmer had kept her body in shape by getting in 25 laps a day at the local swim club and through her work as a personal trainer. she mused to herself as she looked over her long toned legs, tight hard behind and seductive hips. She was feeling a bit frisky today and decided to wear a black thong cut tightly around her luscious ass, and matching bra which looked overmatched trying to confine her 36 c breasts.

She and frank had met in college and fell deeply in love almost instantly. He was a mediocre basketball player while she was a dominant swimmer until a wild party, that was reported to have happened on one of their overnight trips, hit the college paper. The college fearing a scandal immediately suspended the season and later dropped the program. Heart broken that she lost her Olympic dream she and frank became closer, until eventually he popped the question on graduation day.

She gladly accepted and 5 years later has no regrets, as franks job as an investment banker has set them up comfortably in a fashionable part of town, the part where every lawn is green and every driveway has a Volvo and a basketball hoop. The wedding they were going to was for one of Frank's former teammates and she new the routine. He would spend the whole night reliving old basketball stories with the boys and she would be forced to sit at the table and listen to all the wives drone on about kids the mortgage and how fabulous their husbands were. Today would be different she told herself and decided to dress like this to get her husbands undivided attention.

She walked over to the closet and got into her dress and took one more look in the mirror. Her red dress clung to her body like a second skin. It was cut low to reveal her ample cleavage while short above the knee to reveal her fabulous legs and contour her perfect heart shaped ass. Satisfied with her look she went downstairs to get Frank. "Wow Annie you look beautiful. You know it drives me crazy when you wear that dress," frank said as he gently squeezed her ass. "Yes I know lover that's the point. Make all those other guys jealous that they can't have me," she replied as she massaged his crotch. Frank was getting aroused but time was of the essence and he softly whispered to her "I'll deal with you later." She grabbed his arm as they walked outside to the car and replied "You bet your ass you will."

The ceremony was held in an old church on the edge of town and drew about 200 people Annie thought as she sat next to her husband. The dress was having its desired effect on Frank and every other male at the wedding as many openly ogled her as she sat in her pew. The service lasted about an hour during witch time the air conditioning unit failed; and as the hot august sun beat down on the roof the temperature inside began to get quite hot. Sweat began to pour from people's foreheads and weeding booklets began to be used as fans. The agony finally ended as the service concluded and people filed out to their cars to go to the reception. The effect of the humid conditions on Annie's dress had been to contour it even closer to her body which drew the ire of many of the females in attendance, and caused many of them to describe her dress as sluttish.

The reception was held at the local country club and when Annie made her entrance the attention that she received from the men was very obvious. Men were going out of their way to introduce themselves to the couple, and old friends that Frank had not seen in 5 years came up and talked like no time had passed. "Look at this honey. They think I'm your slut. Every man here wants to go to bed with me," she whispered to him as they made their way to the table. After the cocktail hour the bride and groom made their entrance and people began to dance. Annie had a few drinks during the cocktail hour and was now feeling very warm and mellow as she danced with Frank on the floor. The songs were up tempo and she began to shake her hips and dance seductively by rubbing up and down against Frank and grinding up against him.

They called for dinner and everyone returned to their respective tables. The dinner lasted a good hour during which time Annie went to the bar 3 more times and by the time the plates were being cleared she was more than a little drunk. A few of her husband's old friends came by and as they began to catch up on old times, Annie found herself out of the conversation. The band struck up again and Annie tried to get her husband to dance with her 3 times, but each time he told her that he would, but in a few minutes. After a few more songs played and Annie looked totally bored a young man came up and said "Would you care to dance Miss." Annie looked up at him and said "You're the groom's brother. Billy?" He smiled and said "No Bobby but you were pretty close."

"Sorry Bobby, but I'm dancing with my husband," she replied amiably. He looked over at her husband and saw he was deeply engaged in an old story that probably happened 20 years ago. "Wow your going to turn me down for a dance at my own brothers wedding. That makes me feel horrible," he said feigning his best hurt look. Annie looked back up at him quickly "Oh I didn't mean to do that Bobby. I'm sorry I just meant that I am a married woman. That's all." He looked back at her and smiled deeply and for a moment she was lost in his eyes, thinking he was so young. "I'm kidding with you, but could I have just one dance please. You can ask your husband and if he says no forget it." Annie laughed and said "Alright kid hold on."

When she went to ask him if it was alright her husband's response was "Sure honey go have some fun." They walked on to the floor and the first song ended so the waited for the other to begin and it was a slow one. As they danced Annie asked him "So Bobby tell me about yourself." He guided her around the floor and said "I'm 18 and going to be a senior in high school. In school I play basketball, football, and I swim during the spring season." This caught Annie's attention and she asked what events he swam as they continued their dance across the floor. "Oh 50, 100, and 400 freestyle and the 100 butterfly," he replied. Her eyes widened and she got excited "I swam the 400 free and the 100 fly in college. What are your times?"

"Oh probably not as good as yours were. I'm not very good," he replied. "Oh well your still in high school. You still have time to get stronger and mature," she replied as she squeezed his shoulder and found it to be quite developed. The song ended and a faster song began and Annie walked back towards her table, but Bobby said "You tired already; I thought you said you were a swimmer?" With that she turned back around and started dancing with him and as he swung her around the floor she began to dance more and more seductively. A waiter came by with some drinks and Bobby handed one to her as she continued to move on the floor. She quickly downed it and said "Come on boy. Try and keep up with me." He downed his and got them both another and they downed them just as quickly.

"Hey your not 21," she said as they continued to dance. Then moved up against him and whispered in his ear "Don't worry Bobby. I won't tell," as she playfully squeezed his ass. Bobby's cock immediately jumped as she pinched him and continued to grow as he saw her breasts swaying as she gyrated seductively on the floor. Her dress was now completely soaked with her perspiration but she continued to dance and began to cup her breasts and grind into bobby. After the song ended she was tired and went back to her table, but her husband was still engaged in his conversation with his buddies. She felt extremely bored, and when a new song started and bobby asked her to dance again, she accepted.

It was a slow song and as they dance she began to rest her head on his chest and as he smelled her perfume and felt her touch, his cock began to grow. She held onto him and smelled the manly scent of his aftershave, the strong feel of his arms around her, and she began to get aroused. The next song began and they continued their embrace. His cock began to grow even more and began to poke her through her dress. She responded by softly moaning and slowly grinding herself into him, while gently rubbing his back. As his cock continued to grow, he let his hands drop to her ass and gently began to knead it.

Bobby was beginning to lose control now. His cock was so hard he felt like it was going to burst as she continued to grind her hips into him. The song ended and she said "I'm sorry I have to go, but thanks for the dance." She walked back to her table and told her husband she was going to the bathroom, but she didn't know where it was. "I'll show you," Bobby said. "Oh great thanks kid," her husband said as they left together. The line for the ladies room was too crowded, so after making sure there was nobody inside and promising to stand guard, he took her to the men's room.

She went into the stall and bobby used the urinal. When she came out she washed her hands and gazed at the mirror at him. He had his back to her but she wondered what his cock looked like, and the fact that she was in the room so close to him handling it made her already soaking wet thong wetter. He turned around and was shocked to see her standing there as he went to wash his hands. She looked over and said "Bobby I'm sorry about what happened on the dance floor. I just got a little out of sorts." He looked over and smiled "Hey it's ok, but we can still here the music so can we finish the dance?"

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She laughed and said "sure that would be ok." As they began to dance again she held him tight against her and he felt her hardened nipples through his shirt. The effect caused his cock to swell, but the sensation felt different to him this time. His cock no longer felt contained but rather continued to grow as they danced. Annie felt its pressure against her and began to softly moan and gently grind against him as before, but the pressure of his cock seemed more intense against her this time. It seemed more focused in one area and the more she ground into him the harder it became. She looked down and gasped in astonishment at the sight of Bobby's cock protruding from his open fly.

"Bobby put it away," she told him sternly, but when he made no move she repeated her request a second time still to no avail. She looked at it and tried to contain her amazement that this 18 year old kid had a cock this big. What really struck her was that he appeared to be rather flaccid and still looked a good 3 inches bigger than her husband was erect. My husband!!!!! She thought to herself and said "Bobby stop this now. Put that away right now." Bobby again made no move nor said a word. He just continued to stare at her. Frustrated and trying to control her overwhelming desire, she grabbed his cock and tried to force it back into his pants. Bobby began to moan as Annie tried in vain to put his massive cock back into his pants, and began to buck his hips as she continued her effort.

Annie was amazed that during her attempt to put it back into Bobby's pants; his cock seemed to grow at least 3 more inches. The fire between her legs began to burn hotter as she realized she wanted to see how big it got. She stopped trying to put it back and began stroking it to meet his bucking hips. She wrapped both hands around his massive shaft and began pumping faster and faster while bobby leaned back on the sing moaning "Oh God... Oh baby... Oh God Annie... yes!" She leaned on the counter next to him and continued to go faster and faster. His cock had to be close to 10 inches she thought to herself. She had many lovers in college and many of the athletes, but none of them were ever hung as well as this kid.

Suddenly Bobby arched his back "Oh God Annie... Oh YeSSSSSSSSSSS," he came with a tremendous orgasm which shot glob after glob of his seed up into the air and down to the floor. She looked at it and realized she had never seen anyone cum that much before and squeezed his cock once more to ensure it was all done. Bobby then grabbed her and began to kiss her on her massive chest licking her ample cleavage and tasting her sweat drenched and perfumed scented skin. He grabbed her dress and pulled the one piece down to her waist exposing her wondrous breasts. He fumbled for the clasp of the bra in the back until she stopped him, and unhooked it from the front. Her massive firm breasts popped out and bobby immediately took one rock hard nipple into his mouth and gently kneaded her other breast.

"Oh Bobby... .Oh your such a good boy... .oh Bobby yeah baby... ... Oh that's my good boy... .oh your so fucking good baby," Annie moaned as she threw back her head and closed her lust filled eyes. He continued to suck and gently bight her nipples until she began to buck wildly and said "Oh Bobby... Oh God Bobby... Oh... Bobby...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Thunderous waves a pleasure erupted inside of her and she grabbed him and pulled him close to her as he continued to suckle from her breasts. She released him and leaned back on the sink, her eyes glazed over with passion and her breasts swelling and rising and falling with her labored breathing.

Bobby then sat her up on the counter, moved his hands up her thighs, and pulled of her thong. She watched him pick up her thong and begin to lick it right in front of her. He then knelt between her lovely legs and dove face first into her pussy. "OH YESSSSSSSS" she squealed in delight as he began to pulse his tongue in and out faster and faster. Leaving no area unexplored he stretched his tongue to the limit as deeper and deeper he thrust it inside her. "Oh Bobby... .Oh Baby... .oh your so fucking good... .good fucking boy... oh eat me baby... feed on me," she cried as Bobby continued his attack. He made his way north to find the clit and began to suck on it lightly at first, but then with more gusto.

"Oh Bobby... .that's it baby...oh Bobby...oh don't stop baby... ..faster... Oh BOBBBBBBBBBY," Annie cried as she reached her second orgasm of the day. Bobby lapped up all of her juices and rose to face her as she came down from her second tremendous high of the day. Suddenly the sounds of voices and the bathroom door opening shocked them into a state of panic. They quickly gathered up themselves and made it to the handicap stall just as Bobby's brother and the best man entered the bathroom. Bobby closed the lid over the toilet and sat down with his cock at full height. Annie locked the stall behind them and turned around and looked hungrily at Bobby's cock. She took her thong from him and put it back on and pulled it up as hard as she could. She then took her hand and cupped her pussy to ensure more of her juices would be on the thong. She then took it off again and whispered in Bobby's ear "We have to be very quiet. I want to taste you baby. Open your mouth." He did as she asked and she stuffed the thong into his mouth, knelt between his legs, and took him into her mouth.

Bobby's moans were muffled by the thong as Annie began to pound on his hog. Faster and faster she went ash he began to thrust up to meet her. She stopped and said "cum in my mouth... .let me taste you baby... let this girl taste you baby," then proceeded to go back down on him trying to force as much of him down her throat as she could. She began to deep throat him and heard bobby moan more and more. Then finally he grabbed her head and pulled it closer to him as stream after stream of hot cum went down her throat. She then got up and turned around to listen for any voices in the bathroom and while she had her back turned the sight of her amazing ass grew Bobby's cock again.

He reached for her and pulled her close to him as he reached around her, cupped her breasts, and began to massage her rock hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger. She responded by leaning back up against him and whispering "I want you inside me lover." She stood up with her back towards him and lined her pussy up over his cock. She then dropped down slowly sinking every inch of his massive cock into her pussy She had never felt so full as her pussy stretched to accommodate this massive alien invader. Bobby leaned back further, wrapped his arms around her, and began to massage her breasts. Annie leaned back onto of him and braced her feet on the door of the stall, and then proceeded to raise and lower herself as Bobby thrust from below.

"Oh Yeah... ..Oh Baby... Yeah... .Oh Bobby ... ..Oh you're so fucking big... Oh Fuck me Bobby," she cried as he continued to bury himself in her. Suddenly the bathroom door opened again and the sound of voices were heard. This time one of the voices sounded very familiar to her and she recognized it immediately as her husbands. "Yeah she went to the bathroom a while ago, but you see the line. She's probably in there waiting," Frank laughed with his buddies. She had stopped pushing on the door as soon as she heard voices, but Bobby had reached around her and was playing with her clit. Desperate not to make a sound she pulled the thong out of Bobby's mouth and put it into her own.

Softly she moaned as he played with her clit while his massive cock was buried deep in her pussy and her husband was no more than 15 feet away. Bobby continued to play with her clit and resumed his thrusting using very slow deliberate strokes. He would thrust in his full length and then pull out as much as he could before thrusting again. Waves of pleasure were beginning to form in Annie and attempting to muffle the sound she bit her lip and covered her mouth. Slowly she was reaching the top and thankfully she heard the bathroom door close and silence beyond the stall... She pulled the thong out of her mouth and reached her breaking point "Oh Bobby... Bobby... yeah Babbbbbbbbbbbbbby," she came with a momentous release that caused her to shake and her eyes to tear.

"Oh Annie... Oh Baby... .Oh... Gooooooooooooooodddddddddddddd," Bobby cried as he reached his orgasm with a tremendous ferocity and stream upon stream of his seed launched deep in her womb. She collapsed back on top of him and as they lay together she turned her neck to kiss him and run her fingers through his hair. After about 10 minutes she got up and an audible plop sounded when his cock came out of her pussy. They cleaned themselves up and went back to the reception with plans to meet again soon.

"Hey where have you been" frank asked his wife when he saw her back at the table. "Oh well the bathroom line was too long so Bobby showed me one on the other side of the building," Annie replied like it was the truth. "Ok well we should get going Honey. Bobby thanks for taking care of my wife," Frank said as he shook Bobby's hand. "You're quite welcome Frank. The pleasure was all mine," Bobby said while Annie winked at him.

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