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Sex story

My wife Lynn has been seeing her current lover Elliot for slightly over seven months now. If you have read my previous stories, you will remember him as the young stud that she had met and was seduced by in a nightclub one night. They continued to meet and what was once a casual fling has now became a full-blown affair that isn't slowing down.

My cuckolding is now a permanent lifestyle and it just seems to be getting worse. At first it was just her girlfriends from work who knew the situation as they watched her seduction that night at the club but now, thanks to their open relationship, everyone knows that they are lovers.

My fate was sealed when Elliot fucked my sexy wife in front of everybody that night. All the way home, she kept her dainty wedding ringed hand wedged tightly against her full vagina trying to keep his warm sperm trapped inside her body so that I would get to suck all of it out of her.

She taunted me for doing nothing, as she was seduced. For willingly allowing him to take my wife and for saying nothing as he forced her skimpy panties into my mouth. You will get what you deserve when we get home she said sternly as she squeezed her thighs tightly together. You are going to eat my spermy pussy until I'm squeaky clean you cuckold wimp, she finished.

The taunting continued at home as she straddled my head, lifted her short black mini-dress and lowered her gooey sex onto my mouth. She said naughty things as Elliot's warm syrup drained into my open mouth.

"Get it all out hubby," she teased. "Try hard because he fucked his 19-year-old sperm really deep into your wife's belly," she continued.

I sucked and licked at her oozing sex trying to extract the enormous amount of cum from her belly. Several times I was almost choked as she contracted her vaginal muscles pushing him out of her in large gooey globs. One thing for sure, he really loaded her full.

Once my wife was clean, she allowed me to add my meager offering of cum inside her unfaithful cunt. I came quickly and powerfully even though she just lay passively under my thrusts. She never even opened her eyes as I attempted to kiss her, just turned her beautiful face presenting her cheek for my symbol of passionate affection to be placed upon.

She was a changed woman now. Another man or should I say boy has taken my bride. He gave her the pleasure that I have never been able too. She needs him now to make love to her not her doting cuckold husband. I knew that was what she was thinking as she quickly grasp my still jerking penis with her fingertips pulling me from her adulteress vagina forcing me to finish my orgasm on the bed sheets.

I followed my seduced wife to the potty and watched as she douched "my fluid" out of her pussy. I kept picturing my wife in the car as she held her hand tightly to her cummed pussy that was full of a young stud named Elliot. Now she was eager to wash away the pitiful little mess that me, her own husband, had lovingly started to squirt into her married vagina. The liquid in the bottle washed away any evidence that I, her husband, was ever inside her body that night.

It was during pillow talk later that night when she informed me that she was going to the club again soon to seek out young Elliot.

"Elliot did something to me Jamie, something that I haven't felt for years. Imagine sweetie, a young man satisfied you're wife and made you watch it happen. I have never cum like he made me cum. Not by any man let alone you."

I lay quietly listening to my wife speak about her desires and needs. Even though her remarks stung I was becoming excited at the humiliation that she was instilling on me. I was at risk of losing my wife to this young boy and strangely enough it was making my little penis fill with blood. Lynn had that certain look now, the same look that I saw when we first met. Whether it's love or lust or just something else, my wife now belonged to Elliot. I was too wimpy to ask her what option it was but now, seven months later, I received the answer.

They were a couple now. Of course were still married to each other but everyone knew that I was no longer her husband at least in the traditional sense. Elliot was her man now and I was reduced to being her pussy licking provider.

She still allowed me some husbandly rites between her sexy legs but it was, at the demand of Elliot, that I wear condoms. They had discussed it one night after making love. Lynn kind of took up for me saying that I was still her husband and that she still loved me so I should at least be allowed some affection. Elliot didn't want anyone else to have sex with her even her own husband but he changed his mind when she told him that she would make me wear protection. "That way Jamie will not actually be touching me when were having sex and all I'll feel is a condom stabbing uselessly into my pussy." They laughed happily as they came to a compromise on how to permit me some attention from his girlfriend.

I remember the night well when she informed me that I could have sex with her. For the first four months of their dating I was only allowed to suck at her married but unfaithful vagina and now I was finally going to get some real sex not just pleasure from my own hand. I was astounded when after making her cum from oral pleasure; I positioned myself between her spread thighs to penetrate her womanhood only to be held at bay. I mentally questioned her abrupt stoppage of my attempt and she giggled at the confused look on my face.

She then humorously informed me of the stipulation that she and Elliot set that I now wear condoms to have sex with my wife. I pouted for a few minutes but in the end I conceded to their decision. It was the first time in four months that I felt her dainty wedding ringed fingers touch my little penis even though it was only to cover me in a latex sheath. I almost came when that was taking place because I was so neglected and denied intercourse for such a long duration.

My wife teased me unmercifully as I pushed unobstructed into her made to fit Elliot's cock now pussy. She asked me if I was in yet and giggled at my groans of humiliation. It was only a matter of time before I would be finished but she made the best of it by saying humiliating things.

"I can't feel anything honey. Is my pussy ruined for you? Do you think about Elliot and I making love when you masturbate? Elliot gets to make love to me with his bare cock, did you know that? He fucks me better than you do honey; he's a real man, a stud. He's you're sexy blond wife's stud, do you realize that honey? I get more pleasure from my teenage lover than you, you know. Elliot's my real husband now, your nothing but a teeny tiny cuckold. What do you think about that?

I moaned loudly as she taunted me to orgasm. Even though she wasn't moving I still felt pleasure through my sheath. She asked me to, well it was more like told me to, let her know when I was going to "squirt" my little ejaculate.

Even though I thought it was a strange request and all because I was encased in rubber I told her I was getting ready. She again berated me for only lasting for maybe three minutes and as I stiffened for my orgasm she reached between us and just as it happened four months ago, grasped my little penis and forcefully removed me from her body. I quickly took my condom-covered penis in hand and stroked it quickly. She laughed and I moaned as I filled the empty space at the end of the condom with dribbles of my seed. She smirked as she watched me wince and shiver in ecstasy.

After recovering from the best orgasm in months, I wimpishly inquired as to why she wouldn't let me orgasm inside her. Was it another demand from her lover or something?

"No, it's not Elliot's idea. It's mine. Only Elliot is going to be able to achieve orgasm from my sex. I decided that you will never get to cum from feeling my cunt and just maybe it won't feel like I'm cheating on Elliot this way," she teased.

Sex with my wife went on in this manner for the next three months, even though it happened on only two more occasions. I pretty much resigned myself to masturbation but what else is there for a cuckold husband to do. My wife was seeing Elliot on a daily basis now and even family members knew the situation. Hell she took him to dinner at her moms house all the time and stuff like that and on top of that they attended a wedding of her girlfriends who just happened to be marrying a good friend of mine. It wasn't long before everyone started whispering about their relationship.

Now it is a little over seven months into their relationship and I guess it was the wedding that they attended that gave my promiscuous little wife the Idea. Elliot's 20th birthday was approaching and she told me that she was going to give him a special gift and she wanted my help. I was shocked at what she had in mind but it also turned me on fiercely and I couldn't help but be thrilled when she told me that she wanted to pretend to get married to Elliot and go on a honeymoon.

She apparently had it all set up and wanted me there to watch them make love on their "honeymoon." The only time I saw her fuck him was at the club that night so I was eager to see them together. To hear them whisper to each other as they coupled. And lastly, maybe get to eat her freshly fucked pussy once again.

Two weeks later, after I paid for plane tickets, hotel reservations and such, we arrived in Hawaii. At the hotel, Lynn went to the bridal suite and I went with Elliot to my single room. Lynn was staying alone and Elliot was staying in my room for the two days before the ceremony would take place. I had to sleep on the floor of course because Elliot took the only bed at least until he "marries" my wife.

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We ate together and then they would go out to clubs and beaches and stuff parading around like they really were getting hitched. She informed me that I would be "giving her away" at the wedding and also be the best man or second best man as she put it. All the hotel staff treated them as a soon to be couple and I guess they really were actually. I enjoyed playing my part and even masturbated on the beach at night as they locked me out of my room so they could make love.

The wedding day arrived and I entered into the small banquet room at the hotel dressed in my tuxedo and was shocked to she several of their close friends had come all the way to Hawaii to see this fake ceremony? A guy dressed as a priest was standing at an altar and I sheepishly approached. Walking by their friends I felt humiliated as they whispered and giggled in my direction.

Elliot soon joined me and wedding music came from the piano in the corner. All eyes turned to watch as my wife entered. She was dressed in the shortest, tightest and sexiest white wedding dress that I had ever seen. Her high white ankle strapped heels clicked on the tiles as she walked. Her legs were encased in what looked like real white silk stockings because you could see the slight wrinkles at her ankles and knees. Further up, her luscious legs disappeared under the short hem of the strapless white bridal gown. The darker shade of her stocking tops came slightly into view as she sashayed down the aisle. Her white lace gloved hands held the rose bouquet tightly to her bodice and her beautiful face disappeared under the transparent veil.

Taking Elliot's hand the ceremony began. My knees were weak and my pee-pee was ridged as they exchanged their vows. When time came for the rings, another guy stepped up and presented the bride and groom with the golden symbols. I watched with anxiety and excitement as my wife presented her hand to Elliot. Elliot made sure that I was watching as he slowly removed the wedding ring that I gave to my wife 8 years earlier. He held it in his open hand so everyone could see the ring I had given her. Elliot then used his other hand to place his ring on her previously adorned finger and then she did the same to him.

Once the rings were in their proper place the priest announced that he may kiss his bride. She raised her veil and her beauty was exposed. She had a sexy white lace choker around her neck and long dangling diamond earrings hung from her precious earlobes. As their lips became one, Elliot extended his hand to the small crowd and once again opened his clenched palm to expose our wedding ring and as their tongues combined my wife slowly cupped Elliot's open hand with her lace gloved hand. It appeared as if she was holding his hand as it supported our ring. The continued to kiss feverishly and I watched as she started to turn his hand over. At 3/4 turn, the ring that I had given to my wife at our wedding fell to the ground with an audible tingling sound.

Cheers came from the crowd and the newly weds separated their passionate kiss and smiled lovingly at each other. Elliot led my wife from the altar and she never looked down as she stepped on my ring with her 5" white heels. I looked at the ring for a second then watched her seamed stocking clad legs carry her luscious tight ass out into the lobby. I followed a short time later and at the elevator Lynn told me to go and find the discarded ring the join them in the bridal suite.

I quickly found the slightly scuffed ring and put it in my coat pocket. I hurried to the elevators and caught the first one available. Arriving at their bridal suite I knocked timidly at the door. My beautiful wife opened the door and nodded for me to come in. She rejoined her make believe husband and once again I was treated to seeing them kiss passionately. They stopped and Lynn turned to me.

She smirked as she lowered the zipper of Elliot's tuxedo with her lace-gloved hand and then reached inside and extracted his large cock. Only half erect and it still dwarfed my little penis. She went down on her silk stockinged knees pulled back her transparent veil and took his hardening cock into her red lipped mouth. The white lace choker bulged as more of his cock penetrated her throat and her lace gloved and newly ringed hand stroked the remaining exposed shaft. Elliot held my wife's head still and started fucking her throat.

A few minutes later she pulled his large cock from deep in her neck and stood up. She told me to undress her as Elliot did the same. My hands shook as I lowered the zipper of her white lace and satin bridal gown. Slowly her white lace bustier was exposed and her eraser sized hard nipples popped out of the lower than normal cups of her ensemble. She stepped free of her dress and stood still allowing me to gaze at the virginal lingerie that adorned her flawless body. My eyes as well as my penis gazed from her veiled head down her bustier, to her garter straps, to her silk stockings and her strappy high heels. She cocked her hips and placed her laced-gloved hands to her side and smirked. I was flabbergasted.

"I have a gift for my new husband, she stated. I also have a gift for you hubby. Go and get the tiny lace baggy from the dresser and hand it to me."

I retrieved the requested lace bag and delivered it into my precious little wife's dainty lace gloved hand. She opened the bag and dumped the contents onto the floor at her sexy white high-heeled feet. Two blue cases lay on the floor and one of them was partially open.

"Do you know what those are honey? Those are my birth control pills. They are what have been keeping me from having babies, more especially your babies.

I decided long ago that I didn't want you're babies. As you can see hubby, none of these pills are used. Why? Because I haven't taken any for two months that's why. My womb is ready to accept my lovers' potent sperm not your useless stuff. For Elliot's gift, I'm going to let him put a baby inside my married little belly. What do you think about that wimp? My young love is going to knock me up and on top of that, it's my wedding day. I'm all dressed up as "his" sexy little bride and you are going to watch as young Elliot impregnates your hot little wife's tummy.

I stood with my mouth gaping open. She smiled viciously at me and was rubbing her tight little tummy through her white lace bustier. I watched her hand drop to the edge of her tight little white lace panties then continue down as she snaked a red tipped finger under the lacy material. Her lips pursed as her finger followed the slight strip of blonde pubic hair down disappearing under the darker cloth of her panty crotch. She fingered her unprotected pussy for a few seconds then slowly removed hand.

She shoved her moistened fingers into my mouth and demanded that I taste her un-pregnant pussy juice for the last time. I did as told and sucked the honey drops from her finger. She pushed her fingers in and out pretending to fuck my mouth and whispered naughty things to my ear as she did so.

"Elliot's my husband now. He's going to breed your wife tonight. All you can do is suck my fingers and watch as a real husband takes his wife. You really are such a little wimp. I wish that I really were married to him instead of you, you know. Oh! By the way I really am in love with Elliot too. He's a real man and a stud. You're nothing.

Look at your little pee-pee, it's all hard and I barely can see it. Are you going to masturbate your little penis as my lover fills my tummy with seed?"

I nodded my head and moaned as she withdrew her fingers from my sucking mouth. She laughed wickedly as Elliot embraced her from behind and started kissing her sexy neck just below her white lace choker. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back to accept his caresses. He wrapped his arms around her bustier confined torso and began pulling at her erect nipples. One of her lace-gloved hands was up and back caressing his hair as he sucked her neck and her other was behind her stroking his baby-making weapon.

In her high heels, she was tall enough to push her panty-adorned butt right against Elliot's cock. A soft tormenting moan emitted from her open mouth as she straddled his jutting member and I saw the reason why as his large cock-head appeared from between her slightly parted garter-strapped thighs. My wife motioned for me and my cuckold instincts told me what she wanted done.

Dropping to my knees in front of the newly wed couple, I nervously reached for her new husbands' hard cock. Like a good cuck, I grasp Elliot's appendage with one hand and pulled her white lace panties aside with the other. This allowed his flesh to touch my wife's flesh and she immediately started to rub back and forth. I removed my hand form his thrusting cock and then pulled her white lacy panty over his large cock's huge oozing head. It was trapped inside her panties as she gyrated atop his flesh and leaning back I could only watch and wish that it were happening to me too.

Elliot's pre-cum was making a large wet spot at the front of her panties as she fucked back and forth. He was still sucking her throat and no doubt was leaving a large hickey on her slender neck for everyone to see. Lynn pulled free from her young love and sat down in a chair. She spread her stocking clad legs and motioned for me, her cuckold, to orally please her newly wedded snatch.

I dove into her pantied crotch with relish and pulled the crotch aside so I could touch the wet soft folds of her sex. My tongue penetrated the gooey love slick folds and sought out her little love bud. She took on high-heeled foot and stabbed it into my back so as not to allow me escape. Every so often she would kick and twist the steel tipped heel into the tender skin and no doubt I was probably leaking blood from the point of contact. I occasionally looked up to watch as her lace choker adorned throat bulged from her lovers' cock.

She quietly mewled as she orgasmed into my mouth. I tasted her love as it slithered into my sucking mouth and tears streamed from my eyes from the pain she extolled to my back with her high heel.

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